About Us

We started this page due to our love of nature and everything involving the outdoors. We often go hiking, camping, and exploring in our free time. With two souls constantly searching for the next natural wonders of the world we strive for travel and experiencing all life has to offer us on this floating rock!

As we're finishing up with our degrees, we are preparing to make the leap and give up our roots. We want to live on the road traveling and seeing all that there is to see here in the United States. To do this we will be living a minimalist lifestyle with our fur babies. We're super excited and building a massive bucket list! (Feel free to shoot us some ideas to be added or your "must see's")

We have a blog section coming soon to the page where we plan on sharing all of our must have's, favorite places, tips and tricks, news, and much more on! When we leave for our journey we will be posting regular updates and info regarding the conversions and journey from start to finish right here on Peace in Wilderness!

For now we are enjoying all the places here in New England and doing all the hard prep-work while looking for our perfect home on wheels! Keep checking back for new progress and posts, and in the meantime check out a few of our favorite products in the shop section!  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for notice of sales and updates! (Links are at the top of the page, as well as some posts here on the homepage!)